135 - A masterclass on networking and brand building with Eric Hinman

How to build a massive wellness network.

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Episode Description

Eric Hinman teaches us how he built his massive network and leverages that to grow wellness brands.

In This Episode:

02:00 - Early leadership roles

06:30 - Specializing in a niche

09:30 - Social capital

12:30 - Chance encounters

16:30 - The pros and cons of heat training

20:30 - Why business partnerships fail

23:30 - Why you shouldn't have a sexy business

29:00 - How to manage dozens of brands

35:30 - Creating a flywheel in your business

37:30 - Treat everyone the same

41:30 - Knowing when to sprint

42:30 - How to live a life you don't need a vacation from

48:00 - The power of focus

52:00 - Founder's only retreats

55:00 - Rapid fire questions

01:04:00 - Focus

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