The Niche Test for Health Brands

Attract more leads by getting clear on who it is you're talking to in 3-easy steps.

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What's Inside?

The Niche Test guide

A 3-Step Process:

  • Step 1 - Reflect on your curiosities.
  • Step 2 - Know thy self.
  • Step 3 - Find the gap in the market.
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Why You Need a Niche

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Less Work

Nobody likes having to ask for clients. Nobody wants to do cold calls. Nobody wants to run ads.

The best way I've found to skip all that is to become the go-to person for a specific problem.

When you are "the guy" or "the gal" that solves a very specific problem. People know who to go to, and who to send their friends to.

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Happier Customers

You're not meant to serve everybody. Nor should you try.

But you are meant to serve somebody. When you know who that somebody is you can serve them better than anyone else in the market.

You'll know their problems better than they do. You'll be able to anticipate their obstacles before they are even an issue.

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More Money

When you become the best at solving a specific problem, you can charge a premium.

You become the best at it by choosing one problem that you solve and getting amazing at it.

The better your skills, the better your client results.

The better your client results, the more you can charge.

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Why Me?

Ex personal trainer and healthcare professional turned marketer. Believe me when I say, I understand the struggles of figuring out how to create a marketing system that actually works.

There are a lot of ways to build a car, but not every car is right for every person. Your marketing systems are the same way.

I have done the work to figure out what sort of car (aka marketing system) works best for the health & fitness professionals.

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