3 Pillars To Unlimited Leads for Health & Fitness Professionals

October 6, 2023

"How do I get more leads?"

It's the number one question I get.

The problem resides in one of 3 places.

  • Your offer
  • Your marketing
  • Your product or service.

You need all three... like the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

Here's what happens if you don't have all three.

Gollum gets the ring, and everyone dies.

The Lord Of The Rings Ring GIF

Just kidding.

Here's what really happens.

  • Your business growth stagnates
  • You have to sell on price instead of value
  • You end up on the social media hamster wheel
  • You have to constantly search for new prospects
  • You burn out

Let me be your Samwise Gamgee.

I'll guide you through all 3.

Here's the trilogy.


1 - Your Offer

Do you even know what you sell?

Most people don't.

  • You don't sell coaching
  • You don't sell personal training
  • You don't sell physical therapy
  • You don't sell chiropractic services
  • You don't sell occupational therapy

That's what you do.

Nobody cares what you do.

They care about what problem you can help them solve.

Your offer is the solution to that problem.

Your offer bridges where somebody is to where they want to be.

I learned the importance of a good offer after I left my corporate job as an occupational therapist.

I started a website design business, so my offer was... "website design."

Until I realized people don't care about website design... they want leads.

So, I restructured my offer.

"I help health & fitness professionals attract leads by having a website that looks professional, ranks well on Google, and converts traffic to clients."

If you struggle to get leads, it might be your offer.

Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC

When formulating your offer, consider these 3 things.

  1. What is your customer's dream outcome?
  2. What obstacles do they face to achieving that outcome?
  3. How can you be the solution to all of those obstacles?

"Make an offer so good people would feel stupid saying no."

- Alex Hormozi

2 - Your Marketing

Most marketing efforts fail because you're doing too much.

  • TikTok
  • Blogging
  • Newsletter
  • Facebook ads
  • Podcast show
  • Instagram page
  • YouTube channel
  • Community events

Nothing ever gains any traction, and eventually... burn out.

When I worked as an occupational therapist, I did the same thing.

  • Shadowing doctors
  • Writing emails to providers
  • Sending handwritten cards
  • Attending local community events
  • Delivering gift baskets to facilities

I was trying to do everything.

Therefore, nothing worked.

Frustrated The Office GIF

Eventually, I became frustrated that nothing worked, so I quit.

I was also confused about what marketing is.

The goal of marketing is not to get the sale.

The goal of marketing is to stay top of mind (ToM).

To be the first person someone thinks of when they are ready for your product or service.

This is one (of the many) reasons I love content creation.

  • It's something I can stick to.
  • If done correctly, it's a value-add approach.
  • It doesn't require me to run around like a banshee.
  • It keeps me top of mind in the brains of my customers.
  • It's fun.

Here's what my current marketing funnel looks like.

  • I post content on social media to attract attention.
  • That attention gets directed to my website.
  • People find my blog, newsletter, or podcast.
  • They follow my content until they are ready to get on a call.

I am doing a lot.

I would not recommend someone new to do the same.

Here's what I recommend for a newbie.

  • One avatar
  • One platform
  • One problem

Define exactly who it is you want to help (avatar).

Choose the platform they are on (social media)

Create content that helps them solve a problem.

"Even if your ambitions are huge, start slow, start small, build gradually, build smart."

- Gary Vaynerchuk

3 - Your product or service

Hard truth.

Maybe... you're not as good as you think... and that's ok.

If you have a killer offer and your marketing is on point but are STILL struggling to get leads... it might be a lack of skills.

  • Are you getting people the result they desire?
  • Are you doing it quickly and efficiently?
  • Are you making it an enjoyable experience?
  • Are you... remarkable (worth making a remark about)?

Because if you are... referrals should come easy.

If not, that's ok.

It's time to get better.

The first client I ever worked with as a website designer was a health coach.

I found her online via Google Maps of all places.

She happened to live right down the street from me.

I noticed that her website could use some work, so I contacted her and offered to help her for free.

I went above and beyond.

Not just improving the design but enhancing every aspect of her website that I could think of.

  • The copy
  • The SEO
  • The photos
  • The layout
  • The load speed
  • The animations

I wanted to truly showcase my skills.

As a result... a flood of referrals.

The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael and Rainn Wilson as Dwight raise the roof as they pump their palms toward the ceiling and bob their heads rhythmically.

I didn't know it then, but she was no ordinary health coach.

She was a health coach... FOR health coaches... with a large network of other health coaches who were just starting their businesses... and needed a website.

The greatest form of marketing is referrals.

Referrals are the quickest and easiest way to immediately turn someone who has never heard of you into a trusting customer.

Every other form of marketing takes time.

It takes time for someone who has never heard of you to built up enough trust to buy from you.

The only way to shortcut this is through referrals.

It's called assumed trust.

If a friend refers you to a product or service, you don't have to vet if it's trustworthy or not. You already trust them.

The moral of the story?

Provide a product or service that is so damn good that people want to tell their friends and family about you.

"Be so good they can't ignore you."

- Cal Newport


  • The #1 question I get - "How do I get more leads?"
  • Create a killer offer.
  • Keep your marketing simple.
  • Master your craft.

If you want to learn more, contact me here.

Hope you enjoyed this one, my friend.


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